My 2nd Pregnancy Wishlist


Since this is my second child, I don't really have that long of a wishlist, or even need much sebab masa A'isyah dulu I think I covered almost everything. So, this time around the only things on my wishlist (and I swore to myself that I would ONLY buy) are:

1) Electric Breastpump: Madela Freestyle/AVENT Isis Uno

 photo 8_zps0be0c172.jpg

2) Breastfeeding Pillow: My Best Friend Nursing Pillow

 photo pillow-vert_zps47c273ed.jpg

3) Bouncer: Fisher Price Sleeper/Bjorn Balance Bouncer/Nuna Leaf

 photo 3_zpsbe59ee9b.jpg

 4) Changing Table: IKEA

 photo 0119722_PE276153_S5_zps1472f43a.jpg

5) First Year Secure Sleeper

 photo secure-sleeper-4_zps5603576a.jpg 

6) Bassinet: Delta/Sweet Cherry

 photo 6_zps0fcec660.jpg 

7) Baby Carrier: Moby Go Carrier/Stokke MyCarrier/Boba 4G

 photo 7_zpse382ae12.jpg 

8) Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Cabriofix/Maxi Cosi Pebble

 photo 2_zpsa4c29fe0.jpg

9) Tandem Stroller: Kinderwagon/Cosatto

 photo 4_zps91f02955.jpg

10) Confinement Set: Tanamera/Nona Roguy 

 photo 1_zpsef1280de.jpg 


 Can you believe it? Itu shj dalam my wishlist this time around! Well, we already have the clothes (yes, recycle shj A'isyah punya yang universal colour), the sterilizer, the bathtub, the baby gym, the socks & mittens.

 photo 5_zpsea144f86.jpg

and OWHHHH... how could I forget.. PERHAPS... a new diaper bag for my baby! Loving the Storksak! I think in Malaysia the retail price is about RM5++ to 2K. Arghhhh! Love the design! Drooooolll! 

And that's about it! Pendek kan wishlist? Hope can settle everything before the baby comes. :)


  1. Ikut experience, on priority better beli dulu pump & set pantang. Yg lain tu can be considered once the baby comes bergantung pd kesesuaian & bajet coz semua pun mcm luxurious brands...of coz if you can afford it no problem :)

    1. Wishlist; Just a list of desire thing. Bukan senarai keperluan. Maybe dlm dlm 10 ni beli 1 shj. Ataupun tak beli lansung. Selain mengidam mknn, mak buyung juga mngidam brgn bayi. Hehe. Just kidding! ;)

  2. tanamera okey sgt². utk dua² baby pakai tanamera. suka sgt bau dia. sume natural x dak bau mcm jamu ;)

  3. Br try guna herbal massgae oil. Mmg boleh ngam! Cannot wait utk guna semua item Tanamera. Plus, set ni sesuai utk bf mom kan. :)