Oh My English!


To all my readers,
I love you all. I know my English sucks yet I have so many readers who still can bear with it.

I never fail my English subject in school. I swear! You can ask my classmates, Timah & Izzati Ghani. Timah is my classmate since Primary 2 & Izzati Ghani since Form 4 (know each other since Form 1). I even score well for my SPM English. (I know.. I know.. even the lousiest can do that & I am the lousiest one lar!)

All this while, I know my English sucks especially the grammar & I don't know much of the nice adjectives in English. I read English novels, English newspapers, English magazines & I have no much problems in understand it but I don’t write in English that often. I don't talk much in English too till recently.

By the way, to those who are new here, I am a Business student not a TESL student. English is never my favourite subject. But, the teachers who teach English always be my favourite teacher because most of them are so sporting & funny. So, don't query me on how come I don't know my English well. But I know English is very important.