Waktu ini, teringin sekali menulis tentang mereka. Rasa syukur dikurnia roommates seperti mereka. Saban hari melalui hari paling indah bersama sahabat-sahabat terindah. Kerana mereka manusia yang sentiasa menceriakan hidup. Anggaplah post ini dedikasi khas buat mereka.

Ada satu sifir istimewa. Sifirnya mudah;
133 = Norashikin + Sirrin + Shakirah +Nazira
Norashikin + Sirrin + Shakirah +Nazira = 133
133, bilik kami di UPM. Seronok menginap bersama. Walau kami baru berkawan, tetap terasa dekat & rapat. Terima kasih semua! Kalian terbaik, always terbaik! Harap hubungan ini kekal hingga akhirat. Alhamdulillah, syukr Lillah.
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Aishiteruu till Jannah


To Along, on your wedding day.

Dear Along,
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[Here comes the responsibilities, the expectations, the need for assurances. But being married, we are halfway towards the Jannah, insyaAllah]
Last Saturday is the big day & I am thinking about you. I wonder how you will look? Did the gown fit? Were the flowers set up on time? Would it rain today & wreck the ceremony? Erk, too much of worries! Then I thought, may be I will write about you.

You were twelve years old when I was born. Mak didn’t expect that she is going to have another baby. Alhamdulillah, I do have a lot of sweet memories of growing up with you. I remember how you taught me English alphabets each evening, when you came back from school. I remember all the hide & seek games we used to play. Then I started to grow fatter than you! HEHE. Aiyyah, I felt so bad every time strangers thought you were my adik! I always envied your ability to clean all the chores, while I don’t even have the strength to even wash any single plate. Lazy me! Thus, you will always nag & angry with me. But, today I want you to know, no matter how we fought, we will always be sisters.

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No matter how we have fought, we will always be sisters.
Neither marriage nor distance nor children will change
The frictional fondness, part balm and part blisters,
No dawn can diminish nor passion make strange.

Like two trees with their wrestling roots underground,
Fighting for sun while restraining the wind,
By close and protracted proximity bound,
We’ve been shaped by a force that no fate can rescind.

And so it’s with undaunted pleasure that I
Bid farewell to a part of myself, for I know
That beyond the illusions of what, when, and why,
We’ll be together wherever we go
So, En. Naquidin as you kiss my sister’s forehead & now officially become her husband, I want you to know my sister means the world to me. I may not call her, or even write to her. I also never send her any cards on her birthday. I argue with her about everything under the sky. We may have our differences, we may not be the typical family. But at the end of the day, I love her to bits! She will always be my sister & I expect you to take care of her & lead her to Jannah, insyaAllah. Please don’t make her cry! Here is wishing both of you a very happy life together;
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[I love you both!]