Hari Sudah Hujan



Can't help from writing about it. It was raining. Yayy! I always love rain. (provided I'm in a building & not wet!) Love the sound of raindrops. Love its smell. Smell of the fresh water in the air. Love the refresh feeling after the rain stopped & love the sight of wet road after that.

Rain makes me feel fresh, innocent. Playing back the memory of being the small me. Yang tak banyak dosa macam sekarang. That's what rain is to me. Refreshing.

I've seen a story which is bout the person suka buat kek. It tells a story of a guys who very keen to bake cake, especially when he's having problem. Bila ada problem kecil, dia akan buat kek strawberry. Problem besar, kek coklat. Bila runsing, kek keju & seterusnya. It's a kind of a lovely way for his to calm down & organized himself.

So, close your eyes & tell me what is the place you'll go to or what will you do to calm yourselves down & strengthen your spirit whenever you are in misery? Ada orang suka pergi tepi pantai, ada orang suka naik bukit, ada orang suka pergi padang, tengok rumput yang luas, ada orang suka tengok pokok-pokok. Lain orang, lain ragam. Of course as a Muslim, the place should be imagined after you have gone to seek help from your AlMighty first. Pour your pray & dua' to Him first, then should you go to other places or pour your problems to other things. Hmm, don't tell me you forgot that. Allah has created this universe & this lovely world not for a waste you know. Hebatnya ciptaan Allah sehinggakan boleh menenangkan hati yang gelisah. Subhanallah!

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