Having A'isyah In My Life Means..


It means that;
  • I get saliva all over me when A'isyah sleeps on my chest.
  • I get mucus/puke all over me when A'isyah is sick.
  • I get poop all over my hands when I wipe A'isyah's bum whenever she poos.
  • The photos I take are all of A'isyah's. My photo albums are full of her photos.
  • I need to carry a huge diaper bag whenever we go out.
  • I can't buy high-heeled, narrow platform shoes because it's difficult to walk when I carry A'isyah.
  • Half of my night is spent sleeping next to A'isyah on the mattress because he fusses in the middle of the night.
  • I have got a baby magnet stuck to me whenever I get home - 24/7.
Too much? You tell me, Im your mother. How come Im not willing to sacrifice myself to you? A'isyah, I just want you to know that Mama really loves you!