Warkah buat A'isyah Hanina [2 bulan]

So today, Monday, July 18 2011, which is the day A'isyah Hanina turns 2 months old. That means it has been 2 months since A'isyah wandering on this world as a baby of a pair of us, her (beloved) Mama & Baba.

A'isyah Hanina,
May Allah grants your life with shower of blessing. We are head over heel in love with you. Thanks for coming in Mama's & Baba's life. I love you daughter! Alhamdulillah. This is the sign of Allah’s love to us. :)

I love every single things about you, A'isyah Hanina!
I love your mesmerizing eyes, your cute nose, your smiles,
your sweet little lips, your soft feminine baby fragrance, your tiny hand and feet & i love your birthmark.
I love every thing about you.
I love you, i love you & i love you so much, my baby.

Ummu A'isyah


  1. Thank You Mak Cik Izzah! Muaaahhhx balik utk Mak Cik Izzah & kwn sy Iffah! :)